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Native Dancer

2022 UND Time Out Wacipi --- Photograph by: Shawna Noel Schill, Senior University Photographer - UND Division of Marketing & Communications

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Have you ever dreamed of a video game that celebrated your heritage and culture? A game that was more than just a mere button masher, but instead, one that got you off the couch and on your feet? We all hear about the coming Metaverse, but shouldn't it be more than just Virtual Reality office meetings and first-person shooters?

In Native Dancer, we have the vision to create that video game, and the vision to create a Native Metaverse community where dancers can meet and compete in an immersive online powwow competition. In the process of creating Native Dancer, we hope to train an ever expanding workforce of AI, Big Data, and Metaverse experts within Native communities.     

Collaborating Organizations:

With special thanks to: NVIDIA Corporation for their on-going guidance & expertise.

Supported by the National Science Foundation, NSF Award 1916613, under a subaward from Midwest Big Data Hub.
With additional Funding provided by the UND Division of Research & Economic Development.

Development Project Launched and Page Created: 5/19/22
Project Lead: Aaron Bergstrom, UND Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Manager

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